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With the underfloor radiant system, every square metre can be used to achieve an ideal interior air conditioning. It has now been demonstrated that radiant panels provide the human body with decidedly superior living comfort compared to the traditional heating systems. The pleasant sensation of well-being, the constant and uniform temperature in the various rooms and the lack of convective changes make the atmosphere ideal and hygienic with a limited energy impact thanks to the lower temperature of the water being delivered. Today, the modern technology of thermoregulation makes it possible to use radiant panels also for summer cooling of the rooms, with great advantages to the health of persons: no stratification, total absence of drafts, of displacement of dust and sound and a healthy difference in temperature between the interior and exterior of the building.

When the surface of the floor is not sufficient to give a certain load of heat to the room, then the wall system could be an excellent addition.

We offer a vast range of technical solutions to create water radiant system for new construction and restorations.


Radiant system with prefabricated insulating panels 

System for wet radiant screeds with bossed panels in expanded polystyrene for a wide range of applications. Speed and ease in the assembly of the panels and positioning the pipes.  Various thicknesses available for every requirement of thermal insulation. Versions available suited also for diagonal placement of the pipes and with sound insulation properties. 

Radiant system with smooth insulating panels (also eco-compatible) 

System for wet radiant screeds with smooth panels, available both in expanded polystyrene and in eco-compatible material (wood fibre or cork). The pipes are fastened with special fastening clips or with specific pipe fixing tracks.

Radiant system for small thicknesses

Ideal for restorations when very thin structures are necessary. System for wet radiant screeds of appropriate composition, does not call for insulation and can be installed even on existing flooring. Available in two versions: with thermoformed panel with bosses and adhesive; with plaster fibre sheets with milled grooves for pipes housing.

Dry radiant system

Dry system, with limited overall thickness, ideal for applications in which it is not possible to load the structures with the weight of a traditional concrete screed. Prefabricated panels in expanded polystyrene, already paired with thermoconducting aluminium lining to guarantee excellent thermal yield, represent the fundamental element of the system. Galvanised steel plates, to be installed in a double layer and on which it is possible to apply any type of final covering, guarantee mechanical consistency and uniform distribution of the loads. 

Pipes, fittings and pipe accessories

For all the radiant systems offered, wide range of pipes and specific fittings for the connection to the other components of the system. Pipes in extremely flexible PEX-b, in PE-RT, both with anti-oxygen barrier, or in multi-layer PEX-b/Al/PEX-b. Useful accessories such as bend supports, unrollers, clips and fastening equipment complete our offer to facilitate to the utmost the installation operations.

Manifolds, pre-assembled units, cabinets and other distribution elements

In a radiant panel system, the manifolds perform a fundamental function: hydraulically supply every single circuit with the necessary flow for its optimal operation. But not all the systems have the same requirements and for this reason we make available a wide range of possibilities: from the individual components, to build distribution and mixing units based on the most diverse installation situations, to the practical pre-assembled and pre-wired manifolds that offer completeness, simplicity of installation and time saving. All the manifolds can be housed in specific metal cabinets for easy calibration and maintenance of the system.


Insulating panels in expanded polystyrene without CFC and in conformity with standard EN 13163. The pre-formed plates are paired with covering film which serves as barrier to the steam and increases considerably the resistance to footfall.

Insulating panel R979N Thermoformed with black thermoformed polystyrene and double density for considerable thermal and sound insulation.
Possibility of diagonal installation of the pipes, for better arrangement of circuits in rooms with oblique walls.

Insulating panel R982Q with large thicknesses (60 mm and 75 mm) for high thermal resistance (rooms in contact with the ground or with the outside air).

The particular profile of the pre-formed bulges (bosses) makes it possible to embed the pipe more firmly, providing great speed of installation.

Radiant part made with pipe fixing track and wet plaster. The wall, which in theory is the ideal solution for radiating the human body, must not be screened by furniture and must be protected from accidental damage, such as dowels and fastening elements.

Adhesive thermoformed panel with special hole for inserting the fluid screed.

Pipe fixing tracks to create system on the floor and on the wall.

Manifold distribution kits with multifunction valves and installation in metal cabinets with little thickness.

Manifolds with built-in holders and practical flow meters, to facilitate the balancing, circuit by circuit, of the entire system.

Manifolds with thermostatic micrometric valves which allow the application of electrical actuators.

Unit R557R pre-assembled and pre-wired in cabinet: for heating with adjustment at a fixed point, possibility of supply of heating bodies at high temperature, self-modulating circulator in conformity with Directive ErP 2009/125/CE.

Unit R559 pre-assembled and pre-wired in cabinet: for heating/cooling with adjustment by mixing valve and control panel.                                                               


  • Maximum environmental comfort (uniform distribution of the horizontal and vertical temperatures, absence of drafts and dust circulation, silent operation)
  • Efficient energy consumption for the entire life of the building (lower comfort temperature compared to that of traditional radiator systems, for an energy savings of 7÷8% for every degree less of the air)
  • Ideal climate for all seasons, given that a single system is suitable for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer
  • Thanks to the operation with water at less extreme temperatures, it is ideal in combination with high efficiency generators (such as condensing boilers and heat pumps) and provides efficient use of renewable sources (such as geothermal and solar thermal).
  • Maximum architectural freedom, thanks to the absence of terminals in the room
  • No maintenance
  • For new constructions and restorations in both the residential and tertiary/industrial sectors
  • Single producer to guarantee a wide range of complete, reliable and economical solutions
  • Large product catalogue, for all fields of application (new construction and restorations, residential and tertiary/industrial)
  • Ideal in combination with high efficiency generators, such as condensing boilers and heat pumps
  • Possibility of effective use of renewable sources, such as geothermal and solar thermal
  • Technical consulting at the company to support the professional in the project
  • Supporting calculation programs
  • Specific training at the company
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Single contact person for the entire system, to guarantee cost savings and efficient service
  • Single contact person for the entire system
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Pre-assembled and pre-wired solutions for maximum time savings at installation
  • Qualified technical consulting at the company
  • Specific training at the company
  • System with virtually no maintenance


Components for system with screed

Components for dry system


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