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The most traditional device for heating a room - the radiator - has always been able to rely on Giacomini components. We're universally recognised as specialists in the manufacture of valves, lockshield valves, thermostatic heads, and all the other accessories involved in the operation of any heating element.

Technical skill, production reliability, wide range: these are the characteristics that allow us to easily equip every type of radiator, whether in new installations or in energy requalification projects.


Thermostatic heads with liquid sensor

A wide range of low-inertia thermostatic actuators with liquid sensor, for automatically adjusting and controlling the radiator temperature.

By automatically adjusting the inflow of the hot fluid to the radiator on the basis of the set value, they guarantee optimum comfort and energy savings.

Available for assembly on the Giacomini valve elements and those of other manufacturers too.

Electronic head

The new frontier for Giacomini radiator valve actuators: the electronic chronothermostat head.  A technologically advanced device that's compact, silent, and ensures notable autonomy. The function keys, wheel selector and LCD display ensure easy weekly programming, with various daily activation bands and three different temperature set-points: comfort, economy/night and anti-freeze.


Valves and lockshield valves

Valves with thermostatic option (with and without pre-adjustment), manual valves, H valves, lockshield valves: all these components are available in various configurations and measurements for installation on the main radiators available on the market.Also available with a brilliant chrome-plating finish for toweldryers.

Valves for single-pipe and two-pipe systems

Vast assortment of manual valves and valves with thermostatic option for single-pipe and two-pipe applications.

In particular, the micrometric valve with thermostatic option, with an adjustable command handwheel, is the ideal “universal” solution for requalification projects.

Other components

Manual and automatic air vents, radiator caps, accessories such as hole-cover rosette trims and telescopic tail pieces complete our “radiator system” range.


Energy efficiency of the thermostatic heads. Thanks to the construction methods that ensure a low degree of hysteresis, quick response times, reduced influence on the temperature of the heating fluid and on the differential pressure, the Giacomini thermostatic heads ensure a high energy efficiency performance.

Valves fitted with an elegant handwheel in glossy white ABS for manual valve command, or with worksite protection with the possibility of operation during the installation and testing phase.

Internal anti-blocking-sIystem bonnet. Inside the operating mechanism of the valve with thermostatic option, there is a single-piece stainless steel operating stem that notably reduces the adhesion of calcareous deposits and therefore the risk of the bonnet itself becoming stuck.

If the bonnet gets damaged, it can be replaced without draining the system.

The valves are linked to the heating element via a tail piece with a self-sealing gasket in an elastomeric material. Without the need for hemp, paste or other sealing materials, joints can be made quickly and will prove reliable over time.

Valves with pre-adjustment. Thanks to the special operating bonnet, the PTG valves can be pre-adjusted to generate a deliberate pressure loss and hence ensure the effective balancing of the circuit.

The R304T universal valve. Can be installed in both single-pipe and two-pipe systems, thereby facilitating the work of the installer. In addition, the adjustable handwheel ensures the maximum flexibility for the ideal adjustment of the thermostatic head installed


  • comfort and energy savings thanks to individual thermoregulation
  • Tax incentives for energy requalification projects
  • Attractive design and ground-breaking materials
  • Extensive product catalogue
  • Possibility of requalification for existing systems
  • Technical consultancy within the company
  • Possibility to take advantage of the services of expert installers and the Giacomini Professional Service network


  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Proven tradition in the application field
  • Continuously updated range
  • Wide range for every installation requirement
  • Technical solutions that reduce installation times
  • Continuously updated range
  • Expert technical consultancy within the company
  • Possibility of assistance via the Giacomini Professional Service network


Thermostatic and chronothermostatic heads

Valves and lockshield valves (with thermostatic option, with pre-adjustment, manual)

Valves for toweldryers (brilliant chrome-plating)

Valves for single-pipe and two-pipe systems

Other radiator components (air vents, caps) and accessories


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