Direct energy metering

To ensure greater efficiency for the building/system and the reduction of polluting emissions, the centralised heating system is once again becoming popular in the new condominiums.  Each condominium, however, wants to manage ON/OFF times and comfort temperatures autonomously, paying only for what has actually been consumed.

To meet these needs, we've produced a complete series of solutions for directly metering thermal energy. Together with individual thermoregulation, they allow you to combine the advantages of a centralised system with those of an autonomous one.  



The GE555 user modules permit the direct metering of thermal energy for heating and air-conditioning, and of hot and cold sanitary water, in centralised production systems.


The GE556 user satellites permit the direct metering of thermal energy for heating and air-conditioning, and of sanitary water (where hot sanitary water is produced locally by the individual user).


The GE550 units allow the metering of hot and cold sanitary water. They therefore complete the GE555 user modules. There is also a special version for metering service water in buildings with dual water distribution networks.


The GE550 units for heating and air-conditioning can be used to create personalised user modules, in situations where the standard GE555 versions cannot be used.
The pre-assembled units and groups can be installed in purposely created niches or in the GE551 metal cabinets and frames. There is a wide range of accessories (to be ordered separately) for achieving the ideal module for the specific needs of a single building or system.

Meters and  water meters

GE552 is the family of meters for the direct measurement of energy consumption in centralised systems with zone-based distribution. All the GE552 energy meters are of the double register type, so they can measure both the heating energy and the air-conditioning energy.


GE552-2 is a family of water meters to be used for the direct measurement of hot and cold sanitary water consumption

Componenti per centralizzazione dati

Concentrator devices that regularly interrogate all the metering devices in order to collect the specific consumption data. In this way, the data reading operation is quick and easy, and can be performed at any time (even if the inhabitants are not present).


Wide range of metering modules to satisfy all system requirements (standard modules, with distribution manifolds, multi-user, with hydraulic separator)

Wide range of metering satellites to satisfy all system requirements (standard satellites, with dual exchanger, for systems with centralised solar thermal unit, for managing an external boiler or with built-in boiler)

Possibility to meter service water or dual water supplies.

Equipped with energy meters that comply with the European Directive on measuring instruments (2004/22/EC or MID Directive) and suitable for the centralisation of consumption data in accordance with the M-BUS standard (in compliance with EN 1434-3).

Use of GE552-2 sanitary water meters, MID certified (Directive 2004/22/EC) and suitable for the centralisation of consumption data in accordance with the M-BUS standard or the wireless M-BUS standard.

Supplied with plastic spacer for assembling the meters after the system rinsing phase, adapting the installation to the worksite conditions.

Possibility of local consumption data reading, or remote (via centralisation devices).


  • energy bill reflects real consumption
  • individual users are responsible for their consumption of energy and sanitary water
  • possible energy savings, with the autonomous management of the individual home (temperatures, operating times)
  • greater safety, with one single person responsible for the system
  • maintenance costs divided between all the inhabitants of the condominium
  • possibility for the individual inhabitant to check his/her consumption by directly reading the info
  • wide range of products for every system requirement
  • compliance with the most common technical standards
  • consultancy for customisation
  • suitable for district heating systems
  • wide range of products for every possible need
  • easy installation thanks to the pre-assembly of the units in the factory


User modules for direct metering

User satellites for direct metering

Units for direct metering

Accessories (cabinets, templates, insulation, other components)

Thermal energy meters, water meters, data centralisation


Catalogues and reports

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Technical focus


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