icona persone e ambiente

People and the Environment

Actions over words, this is what counts for us. Because of this we were the first local company to make this our philosophy, creating our corporate kindergarten.

Per questo siamo orientati al miglioramento continuo, mantenendo le più importanti certificazioni integrate in tema di qualità, ambiente, salute e sicurezza sul lavoro. Come azienda ci sentiamo responsabili di tutto ciò che “tocchiamo”. Questa è la nostra filosofia quando guardiamo all’individuo e all’ambiente in cui operiamo.

Our people

Asilo nido aziendale Giacomini


We respect the environment through the concrete, tangible choices we make.

20,000 square meters of solar panelling on the roof of the factory help provide electricity to the headquarters at San Maurizio d'Opaglio.

As of 2012, through the San Giulio Consortium in Novara, we only purchase green power which is not derived from fossil fuels.

Geothermal and solar thermal power is used to air condition some of our manufacturing departments, serving as a valid example of buildings with low environmental impact.

The ISO 14001 environmental certification, obtained by Giacomini in 2010, has driven us to reach major targets for reducing our consumption of raw materials such as water, gas and electricity.

And we don't stop there: our goal for the coming years is to further reduce hazardous waste and water consumption.