Multigas distribution system

Multigas is the result of our lengthy experience in the production of articles for the chased distribution of fuel gas in the domestic environment. This system takes full advantage of the peculiarities of multilayer pipes - the unquestionable stars of the system range in recent years. Apart from pipes in various diameters, the system also includes a vast assortment of multipress fittings as well as other specific components for gas distribution. And all with optimum manufacturing quality, easy installation and operating reliability.  


Multilayer pipes of the Multigas series

Metal-plastic pipes ideal for transporting gas for domestic use. Available in all the most commonly requested diameters, and with a corrugated protection sleeve.

Multitong fittings of the RM Multigas series

A complete range of pressure fittings for creating multilayer distribution lines easily and safely. Possibility of pressing with various profiles.

Other components for the Multigas system

The Multigas system is completed with other components and accessories, like the flush-mounting shut-off valve and the terminal fitting-holder box.


Multilayer pipes available in coils, in the most commonly requested diameters. There are two versions - bare, or with a corrugated protection sleeve (anti-crushing, self-extinguishing and anti-UV).

The Multigas system carries the KQ UNI/TS 11344 certificate for multilayer metal-plastic pipe systems and fittings for internal installation for gas transportation.

The suitability of the pipes and fittings for transporting gas is immediately identified by their yellow colour. On the bushes of the fittings there is a yellow label with the words “RM GAS Series KQ UNI/TS 11344”.

Brass fittings of the RM GAS multitong series. These can be pressed with TH pressing profiles (Giacomini standard), or H or U. 

RM fittings with:

  • the pipe-holder profile chamfered to facilitate the insertion of the pipe;
  • stainless steel compression bush with special flaring to facilitate the insertion of the pipe;
  • double O-ring seal (yellow), complying with Standards EN 549 and EN 682;
  • brass bush-fastener ring with slits for visually checking the pipe is fully inserted;
  • insulating barrier to avoid corrosive electrochemical phenomena in the contact between the aluminium of the pipe and the brass of the fitting. 

To install the flanged fittings for connection to the users, there is a compact fitting-holder box. It holds the pipe and corrugated sleeve in place, protecting the pipe and fitting and also enabling the connection to be inspected in the future (as required by the installation regulations).

TECO shut-off valve.


  • Reliability and a long working life for the main system components
  • The guarantee of one single manufacturer
  • Notably reduced costs compared with copper distribution lines
  • Extensive product catalogue
  • Technical consultancy within the company
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuously updated range
  • One single reference for the entire gas system and, in general, for the multilayer distribution lines
  • One single reference for the entire system
  • The multitong fittings enable the use of equipment that may already be present
  • Equipment optimisation: the same as for the multilayer water distribution lines
  • Easy installation, using the same procedures as for the multilayer water distribution lines
  • Wide range for every installation requirement
  • Continuously updated range
  • Expert technical consultancy within the company


Multilayer gas pipes and fittings

Other components


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