Radiant Systems

Radiation is the most natural physical principle for transmitting hot and cold and, therefore, more respectful of the health and well-being of the person. Our radiant systems are all inspired, in their concept, by this principle. And they are all designed and produced completely by us.

  • Radiant floors and walls

    With the underfloor radiant system, every square metre can be used to achieve an ideal interior air conditioning. It has now been demonstrated that radiant panels provide the human body with decidedly superior living comfort compared to the traditional heating systems. The pleasant sensation of well-being, the constant and uniform temperature in the various rooms and the lack of convective changes make the atmosphere ideal and hygienic with a limited energy impact thanks to the lower temperature of the water being delivered.

  • Radiant plasterboard ceilings

    Behind the appearance of a normal plasterboard ceiling are hidden active radiant elements which form an innovative radiant system with water, ideal for winter and summer air conditioning, and capable of combining well-being and energy savings. 

  • Metal radiant ceilings

    In the buildings of the tertiary sector (offices, hospitals, airports, commercial environments, school buildings) a ceiling is often planned, above which systems and service networks canbe installed. Making this ceiling the principal element of the air conditioning system makes it possible to optimize its cost and, especially, to benefit from all the advantages offered by radiant technology: considerable comfort and environmental healthiness, consistent energy savings, maximum architectural freedom and enhancement of the surfaces and volumes of the building.

  • Thermoregulation

    Regarding environmental thermoregulation, the requirements of designers, installers and the actual customers have become increasingly higher over the years. More appropriate climate comfort, considerable savings in energy consumption, optimised maintenance and greater safety are now required in every type of building, from residential to tertiary. To allow all this, we offer innovative thermoregulation systems, developed based on the most current technologies and focused expressly on the climate regulation of radiant systems for heating and cooling.

  • Air treatment for radiant systems

    Comfort means quality and healthiness of the environment we live in. In modern buildings, hermetically "sealed" beacause of energy efficiency reasons, it is key to ensure the proper air treatment and control hygrometric conditions. Paired with our radiant systems, we offer machines manufactured ad hoc to control humidity levels during summer months, to allow air exchange in the different environments and heat recovery.