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Lean Company and manufacturing processes

We are currently in the process of taking another important step: we are transforming Giacomini into a “Lean Company” - a company that is careful and respectful not only with regard to organisational, manufacturing and financial resources, but also in general terms, in everything they do. With a view to achieving this, we are systematically reducing waste across the board. Indeed, at the same time as we are eliminating waste, we are also generating new resources which can then be devoted to the development of our company. Our aim is to make resources available where they are needed and not where they are not.

Lean Company

LEAN post it

Lean Company and our people

The involvement of our people is central to the Lean approach: the individual is at the heart of the project, and must be valued. The goal is not to make someone work faster, but rather to make the working process flow more quickly.

"I took part in a SMED_LEAN event for the first time recently. First of all, we were asked to make suggestions as to the best position for the materials, in the interests of speeding up our work. We worked for a few days to implement the changes, starting with the tooling machines, and then, a final simulation showed that the new procedures really do make the working process more efficient”

Monica, assembly line manager

"During the Kaizen week, we cleaned up the area around the machines as a first step, so that we only have the tools we need for our work around us. Personally, I could not wait to get my hands on the machines; this step has allowed us to gain working time every single day. It has been a useful week, which began with a training day during which the meaning and aims of the Lean project were explained to us. At the end of the week, we presented the results of our work”

Maria, an operator in the assembly department

Production Processes

Modernity and innovation characterise our working philosophy. Using the most advanced software in the design phase, along with sophisticated laboratory equipment to carry out rigorous checks, advanced machinery in the field of automation and robotics for production departments allows us to be competitive in markets around the world .