Indirect energy metering

Even in “upright or vertical column” condominium systems, heating costs can be allocated on the basis of real consumption, to respect the European directives and national regulations regarding the energy requalification of buildings.

By combining individual thermoregulation (with our thermostatic valves) and metering (with our electronic heat cost allocator) for every radiator, even systems that are old in terms of concept and manufacture can be requalified, bringing them into line with the modern demands for comfort and energy savings.


Heat cost allocator

The GE700 electronic heat cost allocator produces a reliable estimate of the energy transferred from the radiator to the environment. The detected data are transmitted via radio frequency - in a manner that's reliable and harmless to health - to the measurement devices located outside the apartment. The wide range of accessories means they can assembled on all the most common radiators on the market.

Wireless centralisation

Complete range of electronic wireless M-BUS devices for managing the energy consumption data obtained by the heat cost allocators.

Radio frequency transmission allows the consumption data to be obtained outside the apartment in a safe, reliable, continuous manner that respects the inhabitants' privacy.

Requalification of the radiator with thermostatic valves

Indirect metering works together with the individual thermoregulation performed by the thermostatic valves installed on the radiators. The thermostatic heads (that can be adjusted to suit the user) ensure the precise control of the temperature in each room in a simple, reliable way, guaranteeing optimum comfort and notable energy savings.


Image of the heat cost allocator GE700 electronic radio heat cost allocator: manufactured in compliance with Standard UNI EN 834, with 2-sensor technology for detecting the radiator temperature and the room temperature. Anti-tampering seal and disassembly alarm. 6-figure display for direct reading, optic interface for programming/reading, long-life lithium battery (standard 10 years).

Image of brackets Complete range of fixing elements for every type of radiator.

Image of the heat cost allocator with remote sensor Heat cost allocator with remote sensor, to be used in those situations where the heating element is difficult to reach or where there isn't enough space to fit the allocator on the radiator.

Image of antennas and concentrator The heat cost allocators and data management devices can transmit the data in wireless M-BUS mode at 868 MHz (European band ISM - Industrial, Scientific, Medical). The consumption data can be read in two ways: centralised (remote) or "Walk-by", via a mobile terminal supplied to the appropriate personnel.

Image of the GPS The installation and programming of the heat cost allocators with all the radiator parameters can be handled by the Giacomini Professional Service network (GPS).



  • Compliance with national regulations in terms of the energy requalification of existing buildings
  • energy bill reflects real consumption
  • incentives for more responsible individual behaviour when using energy for heating purposes
  • by paying for what he/she actually consumes, the user is motivated to eliminate waste and adjust the ambient temperature of the rooms in the home according to effective needs
  • comfort and energy savings thanks to individual thermoregulation
  • no disturbance for reading the consumption data, as this is done outside the apartment, via radio frequency
  • Requalification of existing systems
  • Technical consultancy within the company
  • Possibility to take advantage of the services of expert installers and the Giacomini Professional Service network


  • Complete range for radiator requalification
  • Technical consultancy within the company
  • Complete range of products for the requalification of installed radiators
  • Possibility of specific training within the company
  • Possibility to take advantage of the Giacomini Professional Service network for installing and programming the heat cost allocators


Heating Cost Allocators and Accessories




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