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Zero impact conditioning

Our project is driven by this ideal: you can heat or cool your home, shower in hot water, and use energy - electricity - yet still respect the environment and therefore ensure Zero Emissions or Zero Impact.

The "hydrogen" project

We began our Research & Development in the field of hydrogen with the highest goal in terms of sustainability: to produce a “zero emissions” cycle for producing thermal energy.

The autonomy of the old energy systems, safety and the total lack of emissions - these benefits are too important to be ignored at a time when energy options desperately need to be renewed: this is what lies at the heart of our research commitment, developed entirely by us, here in Italy.

Producing a “zero emissions” cycle for producing thermal energy

Focus on

Apart from heat, the only other reaction product is mere water vapour, that can be freed into the atmosphere without problems.

The absence of carbon in the reagents (hydrogen and atmospheric air) means a reaction without any emissions of CO2  - the main gas behind the greenhouse effect.

The low reaction temperature, guaranteed by the catalyser and within the range 300°C - 350°C, prevents the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOX) that produce ozone and rainwater acidification.


Catalogues and reports

Coming soon. We are currently working on documentation related to this topic.