Regarding environmental thermoregulation, the requirements of designers, installers and the actual customers have become increasingly higher over the years. More appropriate climate comfort, considerable savings in energy consumption, optimised maintenance and greater safety are now required in every type of building, from residential to tertiary. To allow all this, we offer innovative thermoregulation systems, developed based on the most current technologies and focused expressly on the climate regulation of radiant systems for heating and cooling.


Stand-alone thermoregulation

Family of chronothermostats and room thermostats with modern and technological aesthetics, offered both for external installation and built-in.  They easily control radiant system in heating and cooling and can.

Thermoregulation bus

Higher intelligence thermoregulation devices, connected to the network via wiring - the bus - to exchange information between each other with appropriately coded messages.

The modular bus system manages both simple mixing groups in heating and cooling, and complex residential and tertiary systems, with air treatment systems for dehumidification, cold integration, renewal and controlled mechanical ventilation.

The flexibility of the system makes it possible to define different access profiles and makes it possible to take advantage of the most recent technologies in terms of home automation.


Thanks to the relative humidity sensors, optimal management of the zones during summer cooling.

Graphic display with LED blue backlighting and compatibility with the plates of the most widespread civilian electrical lines (K490I).

Touchscreen display with LED blue backlighting (K492).

Possibility of local centralised management (with specific control module) or remotely (suing GSM module), using SMS messages from mobile telephone or downloading the dedicated APP for smartphone and tablet (versions for Android and iOS operating system).

Simplicity of wiring in the bus system: no predetermined sequence, less installation time.

Connectivity with the principal management protocols present on the market: home automation communication standards, such as Modbus and KNX, and with automation systems of the building, such as BacNet. 

Applications are easy to configure through menus with guided choices to facilitate installation and initial start-up.


  • Environmental comfort to the highest levels thanks to individual thermoregulation
  • Guaranteed energy savings with the individual thermoregulation of the rooms
  • Ease of use
  • Possibility of remote management
  • Possible integration with other home automation systems
  • Wide range of room sensors to meet the most diverse aesthetic requirements
  • Large catalogue with standardised solutions
  • Modularity of the bus system: size based on the actual needs of the customer, with possibility of subsequent expansion
  • Possibility of easily creating centralised functions
  • Possibility of personalising on special orders
  • Technical consulting at the company to support the professional in the project
  • Specific training at the company
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Single contact person for the entire system, to guarantee cost savings and efficient service
  • Single contact person for the entire system
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Ease of installation, thanks to the bus wiring 
  • Easy initial start-up from the guided selection menu and applications that are easy to configure
  • Modularity of the bus system allows possible subsequent expansions
  • Versatility of the system at different modes of regulation
  • Possibility of managing events and alarms
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Qualified technical consulting at the company
  • Specific training at the company


Stand-alone thermoregulation

New Bus Thermoregulation


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