icona OEM

Products for OEMs

Thanks to our design know-how, and the fact that we make almost all our products internally, we're able to supply one-off components for OEM customers that need a tailor-made turnkey product.

What we can do

Our production of articles for OEM customers is vast, with a wide assortment. It focuses mainly on brass - the “house speciality” - but not only that.

The items fall into the following product categories:

  • Thermostatic heads
  • Valves and lockshield valves for radiators
  • Fittings of various types
  • Manifolds (bar and stamped)
  • Boiler room components
  • Ball valves and taps
  • Mixer units
  • Circulation groups for solar thermal systems
  • Plastic pipes in PEX, PE-RT and PB

Apart from the various degrees of personalisation of existing products, we're also able to evaluate, design and produce, together with the customer, any type of brass article compatible with our production process, from hot stamping to mechanical processing and assembly with seal tests.

The co-design of the customised OEM product starts with a specific technical analysis for drawing up the Technical Specifications which, together with the General Sales Conditions and the commercial contract, will form the basis of the future supply relations.