Components for domestic water distribution lines

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To distribute drinking water, our most precious resource, we provide hygienic and high quality system which meet the highest standards both nationally and internationally. Pipes, connections, manifolds, and shut-off valves: everyone needs to create the perfect system in the construction and restoration of any building. Systems with maximum hygienic safety, reliable and easy to install, to guarantee a long-lasting supply of drinking water.



Flexible pipes for plumbing and drainage, made of multilayer metal-plastic (PEX-b/Al/PEX-b), bare and insulated, or in plastic (PEX-b sheathed, for removable plumbing distribution). Designed to resist corrosion and products in compliance with the strictest standards, to support the effects long-term of high temperatures and the pressure of a drinking water system.

System in PPR

Pipes and connections made in PPR to weld, available also in large diameters. The technical features of the material make it optimal for creating systems to be used for transporting drinking water, even if very chalky, for plumbing and drainage uses.


The key to the success of a plumbing system are the joints. Our range of connections (to be pressed with multi-tong profile, with mechanical compression) guarantees connections that last a long time and conceal no unpleasant surprises, preserving the value of every house. Compliance with the strictest standards of hygiene and easy of installation are other fundamental features of our fittings.


Distribution manifolds to connect in a single point, easily accessible, all the users to be supplied with drinking water. Various types of products ( (modular, sectional or rod manifolds) to create, using flexible and rapid installations, of a compact and safe system that is easy to maintain.

Ball valves

Indispensable components to create any type of system with flexibility, the brass ball valves suitable for drinking water are made in conformity with the new European regulations for drinking water.


Multilayer pipes available in bare version (coils or rods) or with insulation.

Pipes produced not only according to the most modern technologies, but also in accordance with principles of low environmental impact, for the well-being and health of our customers.

Thanks to the extraordinary properties of polyethylene, the pipes are characterised by high flexibility, complete protection against wear and resistance to corrosion. No annoying incrustations form, thereby ensuring a problem-free use also long term. 

Seals that comply with standard EN 681-1 for the distribution of drinking water. 

Connections in brass series RM multitongs. They can be pressed with TH (standard Giacomini), H, U pressing profiles. 

RM connections characterised by: pipe-holder profile chamfered to facilitate the insertion of the pipe. Compression bush in stainless steel, with special flaring to facilitate the insertion of the pipe. double black O-ring seal. Bush-fastener ring in brass with slits to visually check that the pipe has been correctly inserted right down. Divider to avoid corrosive electrochemical phenomena in the contact between the aluminium of the pipe and the brass of the connection. 

Modular manifolds with shut-off cocks equipped with handwheel for easy identification of the user.

Ball valves specific for the distribution of water for human consumption. They are equipped with a ball designed to avoid water stagnating and the possible proliferation of bacteria in the valve. 


  • Safety, reliability and protection of health guaranteed over time by all the principal components of the system
  • Warranty of a single manufacturer
  • Reduction to a minimum of the maintenance costs, due to the great reduction in corrosion and incrustation. 
  • Large product catalogue
  • Technical consulting at the company
  • Various plant engineering types available, to meet every demand of the market
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuous updating of the range


  • Single contact person for the entire system
  • Extent and depth of the range, to carry out ramifications and changes in diameter without any problem
  • Simplicity and reliability of installation
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Qualified technical consulting at the company
  • Multi-tong connections make it possible to use equipment possibly already in place



Multilayer and sheathe PEX pipes

PPR system




Ball Valves


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