Devices for plumbing and drainage systems

水资源管理 嘉科米尼

The management of a precious asset such as drinking water requires, in addition to safety and efficient lines of distribution, also specific devices that optimise its consumption and protect both the domestic system and the public supply network. Pressure reducing valves, pollution preventors, thermostatic mixers are some of the products that can enhance modern plumbing and drainage systems.


Pressure reducing valves

The pressure of the public water network is generally too high and variable to be used properly by the users: the pressure reducer takes the pressure to an optimal level and maintains it constant under every situation, thereby optimising the domestic system. 


Drinking water is a precious asset and the pollution of the public conduits that convey it is an unsustainable risk. Water shut-offs protect the supply systems of the drinking water from counter-pressure, backflow and syphoning. They can be used in residential buildings, schools, industrial applications, commercial applications, everywhere that devices need to be used to prevent pollution of the drinking water from backflow and a permanent connection between the cooling system and the resupply circuit of the drinking water.

Thermostatic mixers

At temperatures above 60 °C, necessary to prevent the spread of the dangerous bacterium Legionella in the water accumulation for domestic use, the hot water cannot however be used directly because it would cause burns. Therefore, a thermostatic mixer must be installed to reduce the temperature of use, maintain it constant as the incoming temperature and pressure conditions vary, guarantee safety against burns in case of accidental loss of the cold water supply.


Complete range of pressure reducers: with piston or membrane operation. 

Conformity of the pressure reducers with the principal European regulations. 

Pressure reducers with connection for manometer.

Thermostatic mixers with pipe union connection for a quick, easy installation.

Sicurezza antiscottatura nei miscelatori termostatici dotati di chiusura termica: l'acqua miscelata viene interrotta in caso di mancata alimentazione dell'acqua fredda.


  • Safety, reliability and protection of health guaranteed over time by all the principal components of the system
  • Warranty of a single manufacturer
  • Reduction to a minimum of the maintenance costs, due to the great reduction in corrosion and incrustation. 
  • Large product catalogue
  • Technical consulting at the company
  • Various plant engineering types available, to meet every demand of the market
  • Complete catalogue for every installation need
  • Continuous updating of the range 
  • Single contact person for the entire system
  • Extent and depth of the range, to carry out ramifications and changes in diameter without any problem
  • Simplicity and reliability of installation
  • Continuous updating of the range
  • Qualified technical consulting at the company
  • Multi-tong connections make it possible to use equipment possibly already in place


Pressure reducing valves


Thermostatic mixers


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