Icona ricerca e innovazione

Research and development

“Building the future is much less risky than defending the past”
(Peter Drucker)


Our Philosophy

Goals for the future

In the coming years our effort in research and innovation will be further enhanced, thanks to the launch of new products, the investment in new modular and flexible production machinery, the transition to fully eco-responsible components, the industrialization of technology based on our hydrogen climatization, an area in which we are already at the forefront. In addition to this, in order to enhance our ability to innovate we have initiated partnerships with prestigious research centers internationally renowned such as the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, the PSI in Zurich, the University of Geneva, the Polytechnic of Milan and Turin, the Universities of Milano-Bicocca and Palermo.

Our Group is focused on the future, we work with a long-term perspective and a go-getter attitude, to constantly improve in the interests of our customers.