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La formazione Giacomini

Siamo convinti che la condivisione delle conoscenze sia alla base del progresso. Per questo abbiamo creato la Giacomini Academy, per far sì che collaboratori e clienti possano arricchire il proprio know–how ed acquisire piena consapevolezza della nostra gamma-prodotti.

Internal training for the benefit of the customer


We dedicate a great deal of care and attention to the expertise and professionalism of our staff, through a process of continuing education that includes training courses, workshops and regular meetings designed to enrich technical knowledge. We do this in order to ensure that our customers are provided with the best service by our highly-killed and qualified staff.

Training for professionals

Formazione professionale Giacomini

We want the Giacomini Academy to be a place where ideas and comparisons can be exchanged between our company and our partners, with a view to creating a source of mutual enrichment, stimulating a drive for continuous improvement. In order to achieve this, we provide qualified and experienced trainers who combine technical expertise with a keen sensitivity to commercial aspects and to market requirements.

In addition to focusing on providing key information on our sites and business activities, our seminars also address new market trends, the latest technologies and the current laws and regulations that affect our industry.